16 June 2010

A Change of Pace

  Today the AU-F parted ways with our alliance Fatal Ascension.  The major driving factor for this is a need to "catch our breath" among the corporation at a time when the alliance is stepping up efforts at colonizing and defending their own space.  Of course other factors affected the decision but many of them stem from the differing paces between us.  While I have been a member of Aurelius Federation (well over a year) we have struggled with the summer slump in EvE and the corporation embraces that.  With the break from the alliance we will be able to focus on the more relaxed aspects of life in New Eden and return to 0.0 living with renewed energy when the time comes.

  I am looking forward to this as one of the projects we hope to take on this summer is an extended foray into wormhole living.  It's been a long time since my last visit to a wormhole (where we lived for about a month) and am looking forward to returning.  I have heard that we can expect more visitors these days than in the past which should provide some excitement.  On the other hand there will be no 0.0 politics, proxy wars, or last second CTA's to detract from the fun of logging in when you are in a casual mindset.

  Stay tuned for updates on the WH project (still currently unnamed).

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