09 June 2010

Melting Towers

  Yesterday we got a short notice alert about a tower smashing gang some of our new allies were putting together; more on the new (old) allies and where our alliance has decided to re-locate to later.  We are currently in the middle of a pretty major move so I really didn't feel like suiting up a battleship for the journey and subsequent bash.  So I loaded up my Nemesis and as many torpedoes as I could cram in my hold and I set off.  It turns out that is is quite fun pummeling an incapacitated POS in a stealth bomber.  Those little torpedo launchers can lay down some serious damage on an immobile target!  We ended up taking out two towers in short order before RL cut in and I just had to go to bed or risk missing work the next day (I guess I'm an old man).

  We also managed to steal a Manticore floating in the bubble and obliterate a random bomber who thought he could get some targets of opportunity.  Luckily he died a fiery death and none of our guys got hit.  Killmail: http://auf.griefwatch.net/?p=details&kill=2488

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