11 June 2010

Ships with Spinny Bits

 As Rixx over at Evoganda pointed out Spinny Bits are Awesome.  I finally got my long lusted after Rattlesnake  thanks to a corp mate who was generous enough to let his go at a nice price after himself getting a Machariel.  This ship is impressive.  Even with my Caldari BS at only II until tomorrow this ship can put up a target specific tank well over 1,000 dps while those nasty little drones go out and do my killing.  My previous mission ship was a shield tank Dominix which was almost overkill on L4's already, so the Rattlesnake seems laughably over tanked in some missions.  It does draw more attention than my Dominix though as I was visited by a poor excuse for a ninja salvager last night, Lt Arsch.  After failing to beat my salvage Orca to the punch on a series of wrecks he took to bumping me around for a while, until I warped off after pulling full stage aggro and leaving him to it.  I guess he got bored of waiting for me to kill wrecks so he flew out and salvaged the furtherest one and left the system.

Some eye candy:

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