04 November 2010


  Not a particularly busy week but after settling into the space occupied by my new corp I've been carebearing quite a bit to build up my reserves.  To be honest it's actually a little weird to be living in a deep 0.0 pocket without much red/neutral interference.  In the roughly two weeks I've been here I have been bothered by exactly one incursion of neutral forces.  They did manage to destroy my ratting Dominix which I brought into the fight in order to help save a corp mate (who survived by the way).  Of course I had planned to lose the ship at some point in 0.0 so it was un-rigged and fully insured.
  Having cut my teeth in Providence, moved on to Scalding Pass for -FA-'s practice run at sovereignty, and then to Cloud Ring for the real thing it is definitely a little odd to be left alone most of the day.  
  There are no cloaky U'K waiting around all day for a lone ratter to slip up.  No roaming French gangs looking for someone who didn't pay enough attention.  In a way I miss all that action, especially the days of U'K vs CVA.  I'm sure more than enough action will come to my sleepy corner soon enough and I may regret those words but for now I think I'm going to have to suit up and go find some PvP.

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