10 November 2010

EvE: Games of Chance

  It's been a very busy week both in game and out but I've been blowing off a little steam with a touch of EvE Online Hold'em and far more mini lotteries at  SOMER.blink than I want to admit.  My streak of zero luck in EvE based games of chance is still intact and despite loving EOH I've had to pull out for a third time to avoid losing all of my ISK.

  SOMER.blink on the other hand is something I really just discovered, even though I have known about it for a while.  Now that I've started I don't think I can stop, but I will certainly be taking a break before I go broke.  Even though I have lost 7 "blinks" this is addicting and really quite fun, so head over there and check it out if you haven't already.  I believe you need to sign up via the in game browser but you can use your regular browser to play once you have registered.

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