30 November 2010

Fun Month For Me

  November turned out to be a pretty nice month for me.  I got a few chances to put the new Rorqual to good use which I was happy for considering the price.  I also had the chance to get my logistics in Empire wrapped up and settle myself fully in 0.0 again; it's just amazing how spread out you can get your stuff.  On the PvP front, not a very successful month but also no major losses which makes it just fine in my book.  Still it was nice to get out and have a little PvP fun again, it's been a while.

  There is a lot of big news from CCP and I am absolutely thrilled that they have finally made an effort to "fix the little things" that players have been asking for.  I hope they stick to this and continue to improve EvE.  I am also very happy that they decided to stage Incursion instead of push out incomplete features that neither CCP or the player-base would be happy with.  It really looks like the efforts of the latest CSM have paid off and I think all EvE players should be proud of that!

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