05 November 2010


  Every time I get a little ISK it starts to burn a hole in my pocket.  This time I think I've decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the Rorqual that I have wanted for some time now.  No, I don't mine as much these days as I used to but in my opinion this is a very versatile ship.
  Not only is it a mini Jump Freighter but with the bonuses to Shield repairers and Capital Tractor Beams  the Rorqual would be a very nice counterpart to my Thanatos.  Since I doubt I will ever be able to hold onto to enough ISK to get my Anshar this is like a miniaturized version that just happens to have a ton of other uses as well, so it's a win-win.  Right now there don't seem to any good deals out there as even the best contract doesn't  come with a capital shield booster or cargo rigs.  It looks like I may have to put the whole thing together, which isn't really that bad but is a little annoying.  If so Pyro Tech Industries has always been great for corp mates and friends so I'll probably just go to them.

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