26 April 2011

Old Friends (faggy friendship post)

Many of us have probably forgotten our first months of Eve by now, probably including the people you flew with (that is, if you even had friends)...

I haven't. My starting months in Eve are what made me fall in love with this game, and I have never found anything like it since. When I joined the Aurelius Federation most of us were total noobs. We learned, grew, and adapted together. We died in a fire in our first wardec together - yes that's right, we actually FOUGHT VALIANTLY in a wardec, something you almost never see anymore. We did get a couple kills, though it was more of a failed bum-rush than actually fighting. It was some of the most fun I've ever had in any video game.

Aurelius Federation has since disbanded, and many of the members have left Eve for almost a year.... Until this month :D

This month saw the return of Mendolus and Kuroda Tsu, my fellow officers in AU-F. Out of everyone in Eve, I talked to them the most and developed a friendship that will probably extend beyond Eve. Also returning (and already in -NT- with us) is Falgoria, our resident fail expert and secondary sarcastic smartass. I'm the primary of course.

I'm quite looking forward to much epic YARR with all of them and their return has re-boosted my interest in Eve greatly. Now if only days were 5 hours longer >:D


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