17 April 2011

Roaming Under the Influence

  This weekend had been a bit of a bust for a lot of us in AoV.  After completing several CTA fleets and navigating hundreds of systems without seeing much in the way of targets we were a bit disappointed.  Saturday night, with not much left to do we decided to have a bit of fun and take out a fleet with every intention of getting blown up and having a blast doing it.  We grabbed some beers and some cheap ships that we didn't mind losing and took off in a random direction.

  With bad FC'ing (ie me) and a group of about 7 random ships from rifters to vexors we were sure to have a good time, and we certainly did.  We got off to a good start when one of our fleet mates decided to pop this guy while waiting for the rest of us to get our act together.  After that (and the rest of us finally showing up) someone tackled a curse and after debating it for a bit I decided to go ahead and take the kill.  He took out my rifter before we popped him and some of his friends showed up in drakes to push us off the field.  Since we had just started and were doing very well in our K/D value ratio so far we jumped right back into new ships (those of us with losses) and took off again.

  After meeting some drakes that blobbed out the sun and everyone having to scatter in a zig zag motion to avoid dieing horribly we moved on to nearly killing a Rattlesnake who was just one lucky "bump" from not being able to dock up in time.  The Rattlesnake pilot had a friend in a Raven who was pretty elusive.  I managed to slow boat to one of his on grid safe spots (under cloak) and when he returned one of our guys had him tackled until this happened  (one shotted by smart bombs fyi) and we all laughed so hard that no one else was able to tackle him, including me.

  The night continued on until our glorious alliance leader hero tackled a zealot  and we were forced to avoid the blob his death created; including the zealot pilot making the AWFUL move of reshipping into a Thanatos and warping directly to the gate.  Please, if you ever fly a carrier, never do this people, especially not alone! With it getting late we packed up and headed home after not being able to catch a few dramiels and a drake.  All in all a very fun night and a good break from the serious business that has been too much of EvE lately for a lot of us.


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  1. He should trademark the hero tackle.