22 April 2011

What a view

  Jumping onto the new test server (Duality) to see the new Captains Quarters.  It's certainly different having a body in EvE and I would recommend you go check it out.

*Edit: if you want to check out Singularity (SiSi) or Duality I suggest you use the tool that CCP has created vs. the old method of downloading the clients manually.  Check out this thread for details and an official download link http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1377944

  One thing I would like to have changed is the scaling of ships from the balcony.  CCP has always tried to express just how massive these ships are but when you look out over the balcony everything seems small.  I understand that they need to scale it to fit in the most massive ships but hopefully they will add in some auto-zooming or something to work on this.

  For example, even a Thanatos looks a bit puny:

While the Moros looks a lot more like I was expecting (because it's really really big )

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