15 April 2011

On Recent Events

It takes your enemy and your friend, working together to hurt you to the heart...
~Mark Twain
   As many of you know Fatal Ascension is Under New Management and AoV has had what I'm calling a misunderstanding with Test Alliance Please Ignore-- --further reading on the topic--  --and here as well-- .

  I will limit my discussions on the overall situation or how I feel about it because there is just way too much going on and I know almost none of the most intimate details.  I will say that having flown with Raven Shadows for a while and having known him long after; there are very few finer people in EvE.  Growing -FA- from the ground up could not have been an easy task and I will always admire his work.

  I will also say that as a former corp mate; the new leader of -FA- (Zagdul) is a very capable nuts and bolts guy and I have a strong suspicion he will do quite well at the head of a large alliance. I hope he does not burn himself out in the heady early days of something this major.

  I have to admit that I am a bit heartbroken that the situation between us (AoV) and Test had to happen because as a small alliance we put in a ton of work to assist FA and Test whenever possible and create a long lasting and self sufficient existence in Fountain.  I myself put in days and days of work; and I don't even consider myself a major contributer.  Although there were some issues with participation in non FA fleets, AoV leadership had already taken great pains to rectify this.  I believe we were moving in the right direction (and still are now that we have worked out our next steps in Fountain).

  One of the biggest issues in my mind was the logistics of existing at least 3 capital jumps from an acceptable lo-sec staging system.  This was certainly putting a hurt on our re-supply lines as a relatively small alliance.  Our greatest claim to fame has always been punching above our weight class, but that type of thing is hard to extend to long range logistics.  As we are now pretty well settled in the area I fully expect our combat readiness to increase as we mobilize for a new objective now: supporting our (extremely) long term allies in FA as well as our Test buddies.


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