25 March 2011

Fallout: Revenant

  The Revenant is quite a ship even if it doesn't flat out best current super carrier class vessels as noted by Kirith: Revenant versus Wyvern rematch

  With one finally coming up for sale (in BPC form) it looks like we may soon see the first player flown Revenant on the field (as far as I know there are none yet, please correct me if I am wrong).  To me this raises an interesting question.  What is to become of this ship when the "Incursions" are over?

  I may be wrong but I assume that CCP doesn't plan to have these incursions by Sansha forces run for the rest of the life of EvE.  With this being the only source of the Revenant BPC they are already an extremely rare and lucky find.  By the time the incursions run their course I assume there will be less than 20 BPC's dropped and at least some of these will be lost to treachery within the fleet or just bad luck.  With this first BPC offered at a 50 billion isk starting bid these things will certainly not be cheap.  That price will rise to an astronomical level if the ability to gain new copies of this ship is gone, likely making this ship a completely un-usable resource that it's pilot would be stuck in.

  It's just an interesting thought to me, I'm sure CCP has some plans for alternate means to earn this ship (and hopefully other sexy faction capitals *cough* *cough* *wink*) but the thought of these behemoths being such a rare find is also a neat idea.  Of course, if they are truly going to be that rare I would like to see them get a bit of a boost, even if I never see one.


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