23 December 2009

Christmas Wish List (for EvE)....

 For all of you that celebrate it; Merry Christmas.  Now that CCP has given us some nice presents I got to thinking about my wish list for EvE.

 I know we all have plenty of 'I Wants' for EvE but all-in-all I love the game.  Still it's fun to dream right?

My Wish List:
1) Faction Carriers; I know, I know; I can't even fly my base model carrier yet but you know you all want to see a pirate carrier, with flame paint job maybe?!?
2) POS repair ship hanger;  I'm not a big WH surfer but in my short time in the unknown realms I felt the need for a simple repair tool.  Of course modules or other ships can do the job and there would be balancing issues for cap ship support etc, but I'm indulging myself here so go with it.
3) General increase in POS usefulness;  With the Sov changes taking the POS out of the lime light for gaining and maintaining control of space it seems like time they look at the usability and utility of POS's in general.  Of course an outpost should always be the better option but I would like to see living out of a POS get a boost.
4) iPhone Ventrillo app; While this isn't a CCP wish one of the best things I could hope to get in the near future would be an app that would let me get on Vent with my iPhone.  With this I could carry my Vent conversations into the kitchen when I need some more eggnogg etc.

Feel free to share your own, and Happy Holidays.

1 comment:

  1. I thoroughly agree with the last point, and I even researched it. It is possible, but not without a ton of fiddling, so I decided it best not to mess too much with my iPhone.

    Someday soon though, altho it's hard to say for sure, the ventrilo guys seem to move at a snail's pace development wise. Long as the client itself remains free and I am able to shop around for providers, I guess I can't complain much.