31 December 2009

Tell me this doesn't work

While delivering various and assundry goods I happened to read this little blurb in local in one of the systems I passed through:
Jehosh Farrfury: In my wallet is 12 bill isk, send me any amount you like, and then in less than 10 seconds your wallet will contain 5x the amount you actually sent me! Yes, so if you sent me 10m, you will have 50m sent back, Guaranteed!
I had thought I'd seen the last of these when I was done with rookie chat.

Now, EvE is a cutthroat game with scams everywhere you look but this is just plain lazy to me.  I truly hope this doesn't work on people or my faith in humanity may suffer.

1 comment:

  1. Haha!! Classic. If he is doing it I'm sure that there are people that still go for this. I do agree that this has to be the laziest scam out there.