14 December 2009

New Ship in the Fleet

 I've now climbed into my first non Gallente combat ship, blasphemy I know!  The Drake flies like a dumptruck and looks about as pretty as one.  BUT it's also pretty damn tough, not to mention cheap and easy to find.  Although it's not the biggest damage dealer out there it sure can hang around until the job is done.  It's basically a mini-battleship.

 A lot of people have told me that this ship is the end all when it comes to battle-cruiser combat.  I'm not fully convinced yet because I am pretty attached to my Myrmidon and my little drone friends.  However, those same drones I love are a huge liability in sleeper combat as the AI on those sleeper ships seems to have a particular distaste for drones.  In hoping to rid the universe of a few more sleepers I have decided to embrace the Drake and it's ability to deal damage without drones, while taking plenty of abuse.

 A handy side benefit of training for the Drake is that I am now only days away from flying a whole range of new ships thanks to my advanced training in cruiser hulls.  One of the major ships I'm looking forward to is the Onyx which is the perfect heavy interdictor in my mind.  I love my Phobos as well but I've seen the Onyx take a serious pounding in person.  This also qaulifies me for my first hybrid faction vessel in the Gila which is an amazing, if expensive, ship.

 Anyway, I'm now back on track for my Thanatos after this little detour.

Drake Loadout

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