31 December 2009

New Year, Big Happenings

  With the New Year coming AU-F is making some big moves which are pretty exciting. The alliance guys are making a move to NPC null-sec in an effort to carve out a little living space, while a good chunk of the corp is relocating to Caldari space. The move is meant to help us in a few ways, chiefly in getting the membership back into a general area and reunited after becoming largely disjointed over the past few months. The main reason for this is the increased activity in Providence recently which has made everyday life in the area rather hard.

  It is clear from our discussions that everyone in AU-F has the utmost respect for CVA and what they have done in Providence. However the NRDS policy has made it increasingly tougher to survive. The big change has been a large influx of hostile neutral players looking for easy targets. This is particularly difficult situation for players like me because we are stuck between a rock and a hard place in Providence. If I suspect a neutral to have hostile intentions I cannot act to prevent them by relieving him of his ship and giving him a fast ride home. I also cannot launch my mining ship to tear apart those asteroids because I know that neutral is looking for an easy Hulk kill. With that being said Providence has been good to me in giving me a place to really sink my teeth into null-sec game play. From managing POS’s to blowing up other players Providence has taught me a lot. While many of us feel we need to take a break from the area this respect for CVA and Providence is what prompted the decision to venture into Caldari space; where we should be able to avoid aligning to reds of CVA.

  So for now I will be working on moving my collection of random junk and grinding standings when time allows.

*As an interesting aside I have discovered that unpackaged ships can be carried in a freighter when setup as a courier contract.  I was under the impression this was not true but am happy to be proven wrong!

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