25 January 2010

Bombs Away

  I didn't get to log much time in EvE this weekend even though I had planned on a little R&R in New Eden.  Between the wife, the bars, and the hangovers; let's just say I wasn't making it online.

  Despite the lack of playtime I did manage to score my first "solo" kill ever.  I would like nothing more than to take the credit for expertly slamming a Taranis head on with a bomb.  However it was a team kill, even if the great pilots who set us up for the kill aren't on the killmail.  Thanks to the great flying of an alliance mate (harry) and an old chum (ajax) our foe came out of warp right on top of an already deployed bomb and took it on the chin.  I have to say that this was one of the more beautiful kills I have ever been a part of as the whole thing went off as if it were plotted for months.  Here's hoping I don't see the other side of this situation any time soon.

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