27 January 2010

Vita Perseverat

  Today brings very big news on the Alliance/Corp front in my EvE career.  Through the machinations of fate and of man the AU-F has found itself seperated from the our previous alliance and heading for a new home in Fatal Ascension.  After getting over the initial shock of this all happening in two days our member base is very excited about the opportunities that Fatal Ascension can provide us, as well as the chance to help them reach their own goals.  I believe we have found a great new home where we can prosper for a very long time.

  Needless to say, the seperation from our previous alliance brought with it some drama.  This came largely from within the corp as members scrambled to understand what this meant for them and their activities in the Providence region.  In the end though I believe the entirety of the AU-F is extremely thankful for our time in AOV and wishes each of them the best of luck as a sister alliance. 

  Without getting into too many details the breakup stems mostly from differing goals among many parties.  Recently the AU-F senate (of which I am a member) began to ask our leadership to make some changes.  The reason for this was almost exclusively burnout spreading throughout the corp.  Many corp members (even senators and directors) seemed to have stopped enjoying the game during the general low point in EvE leading up to Dominion and following its release.  Sensing this the senate asked for a change and the AU-F set off on our Northern Campaign.  This did serve to re-energize the corp, although we were saddened to lose some good members.  Following the general failure of the NC in the area of space we hoped to move into and CVA opening new battlegrounds around Providence we decided to return home to help.  Sadly our goals still did not align with AOV and the final result was a split from our good friends.

  In the end I believe we will remain good friends with AOV as well as enjoy forging new friendships in FA.  While many are sad to leave AOV growth cannot always come without growing pains.  I do hope that both sides will be able to grow in their preffered directions much more fluidly now.  Luckily we will still be fighting side-by-side with our old buddies to defend Providence and its occupants.


  1. Very well said bro, very well said :)

    BTW you got windswept hair yet from all that hauling? Bet you look like the Professor in Back To The Future right about now.


  2. Ha, going to have to change the oil on the freighter tonight.