20 January 2010

Dominion 1.1

  Of course it will be covered everywhere but Dominion 1.1 lands tomorrow, bringing with it the full array of capital ship changes that were slated for the main release (and some new ones).

  Looks like those supercarriers are here meaning no more motherships; we'll be looking at some serious damage from these new ships.  The new design is much, much more closely aligned to what I envision when I think "carrier in space."  The new fighter bombers are designed to lay a serious blow and the new ship is meant to be a true offensive weapon instead of simply a supporting vessel.  Just like any current carrier these ships are designed to be a major part of a serious fleet.  I'm not sure when I will see one as the current mothership design has caused them to be a bit rarer than one would expect, a situation I hope this patch will change.

Patch Notes

  *Note the change to siege modules: they now add mass in an effort to stop bumping of ships in siege mode (or triage or industrial if you prefer that).

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