20 February 2010

Aurelius Federation Launches New Website

We just rolled out our new corporate website over at Aurelius Federation.  I ending up choosing to use blogger with HTML editing instead of a traditional website.  The main reason for this was the price, but I also wanted to allow all of the corporate directors the option of being contributors/admins which is exceptionally easy with blogger.  All I have to do is send them an email via the permissions tab and they can setup a gmail (or use their current one) to manage the site.

By working with the HTML and not using a standard theme I was able to make it look MUCH more like a true website which I am very happy with so far.

If you or your corp/alliance would like something similar I would like to practice a bit more so please contact me, I am sure I can come up with a fair isk price.  If this is something that appeals to you email me at evemeatay@yahoo.com or evemail "Meatay" in game.

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