22 February 2010


Tyrannis has been announced and I plan to save my commenting until more details are released.  Currently the details are pretty sparse, with the main point being that planets will soon play a role in industry in some way.  From what I gather reading the Dev Blog the proccess will not be like moon mining.  It appears that you will be able to install "stuff" on the planet that will make "stuff" for you.  You will also have to maintain this "stuff" making equipment.  I'm not sure if it will be tied to sov. or if it will will be a 0.0/losec only change at this point. 

In a way this sounds really boring, and in a way I'm a bit excited about it.  I'm not quite sure yet.  I would love to be able to "claim" my own planet is some random losec hideaway, or even more so in a WH.  However it remains to be seen just how this will work so I do not know if these are possibilites.

I'm sure more details and discussions are soon to come, so I will be keeping my ear to the ground until then.

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