11 February 2010

Is This Going to be on the Test?

  CCP Tanis just posted a dev blog concerning the ever increasing efforts to combat lag in New Eden.  It looks like they have quite a bit of new gear in the toolkit which I hope makes their jobs a little easier; although I can't imagine all that data is fun to look at.  One of the really intersting bits is the upgraded test server complete with new and re-written debugging code which should make for improved testing all around.

  I also found it very interesting that the dev team plans to share more information about the testing results.
Information and transparency

One thing that we feel has been a shortcoming in our previous mass-testing exercises thus far is the lack of reports and information being relayed to you, the players of EVE. To remedy this, we will begin publishing the results of each test. Over time, we will add to what is being reported and, hopefully, even get a sub-site on eveonline.com to host the results from all these tests so that anyone can view results from recent tests, as well as historical results.
  While I will probably only glance at the reports every so often I have to say that any increase in information sharing is a welcomed improvement.  One of the only major complaints I have with the CCP team is the occasional lack of information about what is going on inside their world.  With that said, I still feel that CCP is probably one of the best communicators in the game industry and that they put a lot of effort into sharing information with us players.  To me, more is always better.

  The testing team still needs our involvement if we want to improve EvE but they will be making it a little easier on us by moving testing closer to prime time whenever possible.  They are also inviting Alliances to join up together whichshould help improve the numbers.  If you would like to stay up to date on planned testing the dev team has created a new in-game mailing list "Mass Testing Info", so don't forget to join up.
Dev Blog: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=728
Also, don't forget to join "Mass Testing Info" (mailing list) and hop on the test server when you can.

Getting on the test server
 Evolopedia guide to connecting to Singularity Start here, this contains everything you need to know about getting on to singularity.

Once you connect to the test server you will need to be in the test server chat channel "Singularity"

If you have trouble there are some additional rescources on the forum, start here: Singularity Post (some of this may be a bit out of date)

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