22 February 2010

My evespace

So, it seems to be becoming a theme for eve bloggers to post some images of their 'workspaces'.

I suppose I should share my own since I happen to have a wonderful wife who allows me to have a whole section of the house for my junk.

A pair of XPS Dell's which I am addicted to. A Dell laptop I use for my work while I mine on the side (plus EvEmon :). And an IBM R31 from back in the day which is perfect for vent/teamspeak and jammin' on Zune. Oh, and my puppy; a white German sheppard named Tundra (my Christmas present).


  1. 4 PCs!! Two of which are running EVE. Is that wonderful wife of yours a capsuleer as well? Now that would be wicked!

  2. Yes it would, she is understanding but not a very big fan of Eve (or gaming in general sadly). Wii is about as close as she gets.

  3. Cool space. Major nerd points for all those computers and screens on display! Cute dog! My jack russells are off to one side, lying on their polar fleece blanket in front of the space heater. Spoiled brats.

  4. Ha, seems like everyone spoils the dogs too much, I don't think we can help it...