16 March 2011

The Best Kind of Kill

  Last night was another CTA to reinforce another enemy tower, somewhere (I didn't ask for directions, I just followed the guy in front of me).  While this isn't the most glorious job in EvE, I actually enjoy these actions and they can have their own kind of fun.  Not the least of which is getting drunk and blathering in fleet chat;  especially when you are a capital pilot and you don't have to pay as much attention to fleet movement orders (compared to conventials who are often bouncing around or moving the old fashioned way to the theatre of operations).

  This one turned out to be quite fun for me as I got to drag out the Moros for the first time.  Thanks to a pretty respectable turnout from both capital and conventional pilots we were able to pop in and out while the enemy was still mustering their response fleet.  We didn't expect any real resistance to the first stage of POS warfare (reinforcement) but there isn't any reason to stick around longer than necessary.  To some degree I was hoping for a bit of a fight because the nice turnout allowed our conventional fleet to focus on securing the system/PvP instead of the POS.

  I also got to do something I've been wanting for since I first saw a Dreadnought take the field:  pop a shuttle.  It's (almost) the biggest possible gunboat vs the smallest possible enemy ship.  As we were staging for the attack a neutral warped to our cyno.  He was obviously a scout which we weren't concerned about but the fun came when he didn't escape immediately.  Acting quickly I started my lock as soon as I saw him on grid which most of the other pilots didn't do.  This allowed me to at least fire a volley at his shuttle from my dread (dreads having a horrendous lock time on small ships).  Of course he was dead before my charges even landed but I am a big fan of overkill! Killmail:  http://meatay.mindflood.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=9150029


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