10 March 2011

Change of plans: shoot stuff

  Last night I logged in strictly for a set of skill changes aimed at getting me in a range of fancy new ships by the weekend.  Before I had finished my login warp Alliance, Corp, and even my "hang-out" channels were pinging with chatter about a big fleet op that I was already late for.  I am not normally one to be comfortable just hopping into something I unprepared for but I felt lucky so I scrambled to log in my carrier so I could re-ship Meatay and Meatay Speeday into a hurricane and hound respectively.

  The fleet was calling for high DPS or Alpha BS (which kind of gave away the goal) which unfortunately I didn't have any of, at least not in the time available since I was already about 10 minutes late.  I decided that my hurricane fit well enough as it is basically a miniature version of that BS anyway.  I also didn't care if I lost it so I jumped on into the fleet.  Sadly I just didn't have enough time to get my capital pilot ready as the carrier was not properly PvP fitted AND it was sitting at the POS; not in the station with my Moros.  That would mean lining up a jump to the station and then catching up with the fleet which was already waiting for me and a few other pilots.  So, I left the carrier behind due to my own unpreparedness :(

  The fleet wasn't too exciting, we received orders (POS bash, duh), bridged, and started in-capping POS mods.  The hurricane did better than expected but didn't measure up to Large projectile turrets while the hound stealth bomber hits POS mods pretty hard.  No counter fleet arrived (which was expected for an in-cap only op)  and dreads made short work of the task.  With that done we headed home where we had a bit of a laugh Titan bridging our 100 conventionals fleet on a group of campers that have been annoying us all for two weeks now.  Even though they escaped I love sharing that "oh shit" feeling of thinking you have something dead and 100 of his buddies suddenly appearing all around you.  I don't care if that is the epitome of blobbing; it's fun!  It's also happened to me plenty of times.

  With the capital fleet safe and standing down we made our rounds dropping people off and re-shipping for some roaming action.  We ended up attempting to engage a group of pilots I used to fly with just last month (Dashavatara pilots) who are crafty PvP'ers.  We weren't able to grab them but the fleet did manage to get an EOS belonging to Prometheus Exenthal, which I missed out on by lagging behind :(

  There was some talk of me being a spy for the Dashavatara pilots because they are experienced PvP'ers who managed to elude out fleet.  Luckily the FC was a long time friend who I flew with all the way back in Providence when I first flew under the AOV flag, then in FA during their efforts to gain sov out in the Curse area.

  Needless to say I will be getting my capital assets within easier reach for these types of operations as well as grabbing a Maelstrom, Megathron, Tempest, or Rokh to stash nearby.


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