19 March 2011

I ain't machinery I'm a man

  This weekend I managed to get into a mildly heated argument with several people in a public channel about various aspects of larger alliances, most notably the idea of blobbing.  I'm sick and tired of having this argument, and I'm fully unapologetic for my point of view.  Giving something a negative connotation by associating it with a name like "blobbing" is funny for pirates and those who don't enjoy larger scale warfare but it is wholly unrealistic.  The idea that a small force can expect to enter the domain of a larger force and disrupt operations without being handled by overwhelming force is completely, utterly, stupendously fucking stupid... excuse the language.

  I am 100% fine with the choice to seek out small gang warfare.  I am a huge supporter of all play styles in EvE because this is what makes EvE great.  What I cannot support is the derision that is leveled at those who use force to protect assets they invested time, energy, and isk into.  I especially hate when that talk comes from a person or group who claim to just want "goodfights" but really just want easy kills with less threat of retaliation.  If you are dumb enough to think you can interfere with the work of a group who has superior numbers just for fun then please, take a bottle rocket to the White House and see how that works for you.  When someone threatens something you have worked for the only answer is to bring the full weight of your might down on them.

  Of course if that threat is just a pest, such as a small roaming gang, the best answer is to let it pass because the work you are doing will continue after that gang has gone by and had whatever "goodfights" they are looking for.  Expecting the occupants of any given system -at any given time- to be ready and willing to engage your passing fancy for even fights is -well I don't even have the words for how self centered this is-.  If I am in a system (say mining for example) and an enemy comes in who I can out-wait in a safe place, why would I give that enemy the pleasure of a fight in which I would likely die when I can simply cause him to be bored and leave.

  In the course of our argument I brought up these thoughts and many more and of course I was greeted with the idea that the small pest of a group should have some ability to affect null sec politics, specifically that a small gang should be able to reinforce a station/tower/IHUB/whatever.  To this I ask; in what world would a small band of anything be able to pose any real and lasting threat to the inhabitants of a space?  That is without said merry band being able to bring a force of arms that was equal to the task in the first place?

  The most amazing thing about EvE is that it allows us to expand our own universe within its sandbox.  This universe has taken on a mannerism very similar to human history which is not surprising.  But asking CCP to change the game so that the "little guy" (who hopes to expend almost no resources in comparison to the bigger groups) has a chance to simply login, grab a ship, and cause trouble for those who have been logged in all day working on something... is stupid.  Really it's far more than stupid but I'm not sure if I could express the extent of it.


edit:  some of the intelligent conversation from the other side:

 [06:40:03] -censored-  You are literally the dumbest person I've ever had to talk to in EVE, Meatay

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