08 March 2011

CSM: Supporting

  I have decided to share who I will be voting for: Trebor Daehdoow (Robert Woodhead IRL)

  Mainly Trebor did a nice job in CSM 5 and the fact that he will be hitting the ground running is something I find comforting.  Also he is from North Carolina, USA which makes him a home-town boy for me (in EvE terms I consider the same state close enough).  Add in the fact that he's offering a good ol' fashioned bribe to spread the word about his campaign and he's just my type of guy.  Plus I agree with most of his stances to at least some degree and I do believe he will be a transparent CSM member to the extent allowed by the NDA...

Visit his site here

  I do have another candidate who may get some of my votes.  I am still thinking over how I feel about Saleene (Mark Heard IRL) being a former CCP'er.  On the one hand that gives him a very good start and a better knowledge of how the CSM will actually work but on the other hand it seems a bit... I don't know... untoward.  Either way I really like most of what's he is saying so perhaps I will split my votes.

Click here for Saleene's site

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