22 March 2011

Hot Drop!

It's a TARP!

Last night, I had the opportunity to do something Meatay and I have been BADLY itching to do...
A hot drop. Of any kind. All we knew was we had to do one.

Well last night while I was supposed to be doing a research paper, I saw a friendly SB gang zipping around station with a few pilots I have flown with in the past. Since I was sitting in station spinning my Sin around and procrastinating, I decided to hop into their comms and ask if they wanted to do a blackops drop. Much to my delight, I got a resounding "OF COURSE!"

Even though it was a very slow day and we were only able to scrounge up 5 pilots, we decided to go for it. We do have the advantage of picking our targets afterall. Our makeshift cyno pilot bumped a hurricane belonging to an alliance that has been harassing our space quite a bit. Cyno was lit immediately upon decloak, but the hurricane quickly reacted and destroyed the makeshift ship mid-bridging.

Did I mention we were unprepared for hot dropping, but wanted to do it so badly that we didn't care? Because that was the case, and that means we basically only had one bomber and one blackops with tackle...

Well, somehow that bomber with tackle ended up bridging into the center of the sun, probably via some bug with destroyed cynos and bridging. He was flung out in a random direction faster than a capital ship in warp, while our Hurricane "friend" made his escape. That's okay though, I already helped kill one of his buddies earlier in the week.

Now that the Sin's cherry is (sort of) popped, I think I'll be doing this quite often :)


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