11 March 2011

EvE Ideas: Service History

  There are many idea posts out there.  Among the best are Rixx's continuing "Gooder EvE" articles.  I remember this idea being discussed before but I couldn't find it in the 20 seconds of attention span I could spare to try.

  The idea: ship service history.  Basically from the moment a ship first pops off the assembly line it starts accruing data in a simple text based database field.  Whenever any major even happens in the life of the ship it gets a note appended to this field.  I wouldn't want an idea like this to be a drag on the system so it would only need to make these appends when an event was already causing a database action, or even at downtime.

  The nice thing about this is that we would actually be able to know how old a ship is, how many times it's been repackaged, how many times it was involved in a killmail (obviously on the winning side...duh), and more.  I for one would love to know about my ships, especially those I buy blindly off of the market.  I don't think you should be able to view the service history of a ship being sold on the market because that would just be a drag on the market and my time.  But it would be nice to buy a ship and open it's service history to see some cool fact like: it fought at the CVA fall in DGTMI, has been repacked 10,000 times, or has scored 2,000 kills (of course the specific battle would only be know by time/location codes and good ol' fashioned assumption but you get the point).


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